Thursday 31 August 2023



The Heathen community world wide is very small, in UK there is roughly 5,000 heathens. Asatru UK claim to have thousands of members but I take such boast's with a pinch of salt and estimate they really number under 500. With such a small number, you would think the five main heathen groups in UK, would be united and on friendly terms. Sadly that is not the case and what's causing the disunity, is a tiny group of left-wing/universal pagans seeking to push a woke agenda and force other heathens to support them or be cancelled. They try to bully heathens, by labelling those who disagree with them as racists, or they call for comprise, for folkish groups to meet them half way. I am going to explain here, very clearly why all Folkish heathens must stand firm in our beliefs. Why it would be a mistake to meet people half way and compromise on the truths our faith is built on, just to fit in with the present woke agenda. 

The Anglican church bishops and Tory party often talk about the `centre ground ‘ a position that is took by those who champion tolerance and and reason, but who also acknowledge the fears held by English public on Brexit or immigration. The left call for more tolerance ,more inclusive society to embrace multi culturalism which sounds noble to many in the centre, but do you know what follows this kind of thinking comprise does by those in the centre. The centre ground is moved inch by inch towards the left until the centre ground is really the lefts view and anyone to the right is labelled extreme. You must understand how powerful the left have become and not be fooled into accepting their arguments. Compromise, is classic Marxist logic, hold to your beliefs and never give an inch.

Let me give you an  example how this works. most Christians in 1980’s believed  that homosexuals should be granted the safe legal rights but not be allowed to marry. that marriage should be between man and woman Therefore they legitimised homosexual behaviour and still protected the sanctity of marriage. A classic compromise. But the bible didn’t agree it tells Christians homosexuality is an abomination that needs to be repented of (Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:27) The bible is also clear abortion is always murder and a majority of Christians in 1980’s opposed abortion The left argued women have a right to choose So the bishops backed down and meet the left on common ground and agreed that abortion was not murder .They choose to walk with the Marxists and not God . These two examples expose classic techniques that the left used to undermine the Christian gods authority, compromise bolstered by liberal views was a slippery slope that has lead the church to oblivion in England. 

Today it's not the Christians its folkish heathens who are under attack. If we folkish heathens wish to survive this onslaught, we need to understand and acknowledge how powerful the left have become. We must not let ourselves be fooled by their deception and propaganda. It’s like the proverbial frog in the kettle, if you throw a frog in the kettle of boiling water it will jump out however if you put the frog in the kettle and gradually turn up the heat over a period of time until the water boils the frog will stay and die, our faith and culture is like the frog and were stewing in the lefts kettle the water is already boiling. We must stand united in opposition to the left wing, who are trying to hijack our faith and attack us. The Folk tribes being built around the world are the only alternative to liberal globalism and all it's destructive ideas. We must all support, each other, it doesn't matter if someone belongs to the AFA or Vinland Wolves in USA or the Odinist Fellowship in the UK. We are all brothers and family, we share the same blood. If we stand together it makes us all stronger.     


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