Sunday 15 October 2023


When we won our freedom and voted Brexit, most of us expected the government to support the peoples will. For me as a heathen, I trusted the Tory's would set very high environmental standards that would protect our wildlife and countryside. They lied, the UK has failed to ban thirty six pesticides, despite experts calling for action. The Tory government have used emergency legislation to allow the use of these chemicals which are banned in the EU.  Thirteen of these chemicals are highly dangerous, four are highly toxic to Bees. What's worse they can interfere with human hormones, cause fertility and respiratory problems. Our UK bee population's are in decline and our rivers have never been so polluted and I have no doubt the government are to blame for allowing the toxic syrup of chemical's to be sprayed on crops. I wrote several times, we can't trust the word of those seek power. They don't care about England or the damage to it's peoples health or the countryside and wildlife, only the money they can pocket from lobbyists for the chemical industry. 
 In 1992 at the UNCED conference, the trading of carbon credits was announced. A Rothschild Bank was launched to handle the credits(debt) at the same UNCED event. Last year the global carbon market was worth $851 Billion. The basis of carbon credits, is based on fraudulent carbon science produced by scientists in the pay of those earning millions from dealing in carbon credits ?  It's another con by the ruling establishment to enrich themselves.

We cant allow our children's futures to be left in their hands, until we get organised and wrest it from their hands and take it in to our own, our children don't have a future. I dare not think how bad thinks could be in ten years unless things change. This summer we have seen floods, storms and extreme temperatures; our climate is changing but I don't believe its caused by man alone. We can't trust the politician's, we can't trust the globalist's who are enriching themselves and we  can't trust the scientist in their pay. I don't believe joining,  Just Stop Oil or Extinction Rebellion two groups whose real agenda is to bring about a Marxist state is any answer. Each of us can make a difference by changing how we live, each one of us needs to educate themselves and spread the truth on why the climates changing. 

Many of us decided we can't change the system, we can't stop the corruption it's to deeply imbedded  in our political system. The Heathen faith was our only hope, each week new people join our faith, which means weekly we grow stronger. If your English reading this, What are you waiting for ? Give up the worship of the Middle East god's and join the heathen revolt  against the corruption and rape of nature.     

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