Sunday 1 October 2023


The Heathen awaking is under way, the up rising of the Saxon folk of England is already happening, it is manifesting within each of us. It is in your mind, that you will find the truth and wisdom of the old heathen faith of England. It will burn inside you, if you believe in it's truth. What dies at Ragnarok is not the god's, that is not what Ragnarok means. Ragnarok means the judgement of the gods.  Our god's are real, but if you deny them they will die. So what dies at Ragnarok is man's faith, the bridge that links man to the god's is shattered and the gods begin to die. Because they are severed from the fire of man's worship. 

Under our present system and state education we receive from the age of five, we are trained like dog's to wait for some one in authority to meet our needs and give us permission to act. The heathen faith say's FCK that, we don't need permission of anyone. When you take the decision to identify as a free born Englishman, not a citizen of multi cultural woke UK , you don't need to wait for any top down solution. The awaking, of who we are and where you come from is the spark that will ignite the fire within you as a Englishman to reclaim your ancient rights and faith. If your struggling to accept the truth of the gods existence and the path of the old ways. Ask yourself, what kind of world  do you want to live in ? One based on blood & kinship of living free with nature, that is positive and full of love, or the dark dangerous, negative world that seeks to enslave you in debt. This present age circle is coming to an end. The ruling elite know this and will seek to cling to power but the system is going to fall, we will build a new Middle earth  on it's rubble.     

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