Monday 2 October 2023


Frieg is Queen of the Asier god's a goddess of the heavens, maternity, wisdom love and celestial glory. She is the Earth mother who gives life to all creation. We are conceived in the womb of the mother and when we die we return our earthly bodies to mother earth. Germany the fatherland was ruled by Woden, Thor, and Tiw. England the motherland was the realm of Frieg the Queen of the Asier.  Frieg has always been loved by the common folk of England. Her temple in the Fen's was said to be greater then the temple of Uppsala, before it's destruction, unlike the other god's and goddess who demanded blood sacrifices Frieg asked for silver and bread (cakes.) 

To Frieg belongs the expanses of the Earth and havens on her the universe rests for Frieg is the giver of natural law which all god's and humans must obey She is the essence of all things and the natural rhythm (harmony) which synchronise our being and gives it balance and harmony. She has 12 companions/guardians who serve her and represent the moons of the year and the cosmic order.  She is wife of Wodin, when he sets off on far away journeys she would weep golden tears that fall as amber on earth. Because she was unable to stand the pain of separation. In Scandinavia she is often called Freya which means lady, some heathens and writers are confused believe them to be separate goddess. Her shrines are located near springs and marshes from which flowed the life giving waters of rivers . At times of war she was called upon to protect warriors in battle and is therefore called a war goddess.        
While the ruling class were bribed into accepting Christianity the common folk were Christianity's greatest opponents. When Saeberht King of East Saxons converted, his people refused to turn against Frieg and accept Christ, his heir expelled the Christians from Essex . In Wessex too the Gewisse people were resistant to Christianity and it took decades to force them to stop their worship of Frieg, Thunor and Woden. Among the modern heathens of England the cult of Frieg is again growing. 


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