Friday 6 October 2023


 The UK is now multi cultural nation, with dozen's of different faiths and ethnic community's. It doesn't matter if you agree with it or not. It's how it is and nothing is going to change it. We the English/Anglo-Saxon's who founded this nation are now one of many community's. It is time we woke up and understood this, it's time we got ourselves organised.

Years ago I lived on a South london council estate. On our estate in Lambeth, we had four community centres. A  centre for Vietnamese community in Lambeth, a Turkish , Caribbean  and a Somalia community centre. The estate was 75% white English but we had no community centre. in fact there was no white community centre for white English anywhere in Lambeth, and none in any of the other London boroughs. The reason for  this was we had no spokesmen who spoke up for us, thirty years later we still don't.

Every other ethnic group, every religious community in England has groups and individuals campaigning for them to get funding from the government, EU, the national lottery etc. We English have no one, so we always miss out. Our politicians don't have to bother fighting for us to get sports pitch's for our kids or funding for our OAP's, because they know we are not united so we will not vote them out, if he doesn't help us. For example The politicians know if they don't deliver for the Sikhs or Hindu community they will not vote for him. This is not me having a rant, its how it works and every working class Englishman knows this is true.

Our Anglo Saxon heathenry is more then a faith, it's a link to our ancestors, it's our culture. but more important its the glue to unite the ancient folk of England, who are ethnically Saxon's. I believe as heathen's we must start calling ourselves Saxon again to separate ourselves from those who are not Anglo-Saxon but have stole our name and culture and call themselves English. We were betrayed by our politicians by the Anglican church and by the establishment We have been lied to and ignored every time we sought to legally protest against the changes they imposed upon us. Our England is a wonderful place, but I fear for its future if we don't act. Our rivers are being polluted our coastal waters have sewage pumped into it daily. Our ancient woodland's are being felled our farmland covered by housing and our villages turned into holiday parks for the rich. 

It's our fault this happened because we didn't stand together we didn't unite we just watched it all happen. The old English whose family's for over a thousand years have fought and died for this country. Who feel it in their bones what it means to be part of England, because they are linked to England's past by their blood, must become united and speak with one voice. If we don't do this everything that makes England unique will be lost. We must set an example to the world how a society  can live with nature in peace. I believe strongly that if we do this,   the way we help and support each other is what will attract others to us. Everything about our heathen community must be a positive experience for people. My one warning is we must be careful not to fall into the trap of being negative hateful or abusive to anyone. Our faith and we heathen's are better then that. 

Our faith and ancestors make us different from the other ethnic community's on this island Lets promote that difference with pride and build a movement/community that is a beacon of light and goodness. We are the voice of old England the voice of our ancestors is spoken by us, we are the voice of the Saxon's and the future  We are the seed's of the god's and their voice on this earth. We demand, we are heard.

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