Sunday 26 November 2023


 The Tory's liberal's labour political party's, the Anglican and Catholic church's and every big corporate  and social media giant agree with the liberal woke agenda. Those who disagree have very few options. Some so called heathens are attempting to justify and support this corrupt system by dividing us. Most of these people are followers of wiccan and satanic cults, ignore such people don't let their negativity infect you. We know the system is cunning and  that the state has infiltrated many of the spiritual and groups of truth seekers. Those who call themselves Folkish, are seen as a threat. So it seems they have created and control the entire woke Asatru universal movement. Which was created to divide, delude and deceive those who seek to follow the old ways. 

There is one thing no matter how much they try that they cannot control, and that is you. If you want this country to change course stop it's slid into anarchy you need to be part of the change. Don't wait for the right time because that time is now, this moment.  As a freeborn Saxon you don't need permission you have authority over your life. Don't wait for a leader to emerge to follow, you must become that leader. Our enemies want you to do nothing to sit back and just watch old England die. They fear you because they understand That the Saxon's are slow to awake to take action but when they are aroused they are unbeatable. 

We Saxon's are a stubborn peaceful folk, not angry and quick to protest and riot that is not our way. Nor do we speak aloud of what we all know, but that doesn't mean, we not fighters when we are pushed into a corner. There is vast corrupt sick political system that we need to dismantle. We don't need any Lords bishops or failed politicians or any parasites that feed of us. We need to create a community based on our pre Christian  tribal customs. That is, totally different with totally different values to the one we want to break free from. The present system is held up by myths and lies, by illusions, it is built on a structure of false beliefs and held together by dark magic. Most of it is not real. By shinning a light on their lies we will destroy the illusions they have created. IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE. 

I need every Englishmen and every heathen living in Europe or USA, who is not defeated or brainwashed to support me. I can't do this on my own. Read this blog every Wednesday browse the  previous posts encourage your own friends and followers to support this blog and post up links on your social media.

The next few years it is likely to get ugly as state seeks to criminalise all who refuse to bow down and scare them into taking the path to enslavement'. So it is important we focus on the gods and connecting to nature. It is your choice if you take the path of enslavement or the path of love. This the secret I want to share, Love is the antidote to what the enemies of our gods are dong. Focus on our love of our nation, our folk,  and the gods and spread that love every day and live your life by following the nine noble truth's.

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Those in control have no interest in an individual's privacy or free will, the Globalist believe we have no right to individual autonomy...