Wednesday 20 December 2023

COP 28

Cop 28  was recently held in Dubai,78,000 delegates attended in thousands of planes. All the usual lies were told.   

It was opened by our King Charles who lectured us about the need to go green Blah ,Blah , Blah. Not seen any publicity about this but yesterday I learnt that the Christian king Charles of England (At his coronation he invited every minority faith to his coronation but for some reason ignored our English faith. No heathen was invited.) Was given a pay rise, his 86 million pounds a year has risen to 125 million pounds a year. So in addition to his personal income and wealth from the crown estates which incudes off shore wind farms and mineral recovery from coastal waters, he is also getting 125 million off the British taxpayers.  Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people in England are starving and cant afford to heat their homes. His flying to Cop28 in a private jet lecturing us all. This man is so out of touch with the public it shocks me, during Armistice  week he wore a black poppy in support of Black victims of the British Empire. This was just another example of woke behaviour by Charles since his coronation and how out of touch with the views of England he is. For me the Windsor's only care about one thing that's their bank balance.

Its not just the King whose enriching himself out of the global warming crisis, there's a host of former British cabinet ministers who were paid thousands for advice to the oil rich gulf state that are against phasing out fossil fuels. The former Tory Chancellor, Phillip Hammond   was paid £275,000 to advise the Saudi Arabians & £68,000 from Bahrain in 2021/22 how much he was being paid this year is not known but it will be a lot higher I suspect. Hammond formed his own consultation firm two months after stepping down from government. The former Chancellor inside knowledge of UK government should have stopped him working for the autocratic middle east regimes, lets not forget in 2021 Hammond was strongly criticised and fined for using his government  connections, to lobby for a bank he was paid to advise. Hammond was not the only former Tory chancellor out there Nadhim Zahawi was a guest of United Arab Emirates at Cop28, to work as an intermediary between the UAE and the Barcley brothers in a business deal ?  Francis Maude another ex minister who set  a consultancy firm with Simone Finn who was Boris Johnson's deputy chief of staff, and has been working for Saudi's, Bahrain and Kazakhstan. Top Tory's Nicholas Soames, Nick Bole and Nick Hurd are also partners in this company. Now Graham Brady whose stepping down at next election has set up a consultancy firm and is hoping  earn from his inside knowledge ? in my view there are legitimate question's to be asked about why these tory MP's are not banned from lobbying for foreign governments . Distrust in politicians is fuelled by perception of corruption and greed and these issues need addressing.

If you sum up Cop 28, It was another conference of hot air nothing was solved, We have a red list of 157,000 species threatened with extinction that's 7,000 more then last year. Global temperature's are on track to reach 2.9c above pre industrial levels ? developing countries will need 2.4 trillion a year in aid from the rich country's to stop it. Cop 28 will solve none of this.

For me the best part of Cop 28 was  Al Gore accused the U.A.E of protecting it's own interest at the behest of the World, this is the same Al Gore who flew there in a private plane and who was the protégé of oil billionaire  Armund Hammer. These people are so corrupt so unaware of how they are seen they feel no embracement. While I understand and believe we do need to stop polluting the earth, cutting down rainforests, pumping sewage into our sea's. It is clear global warming is being used to further an agenda by a corrupt elite. At 1992 Rio Earth Summit a plan known as Agenda 21 was launched. Some of its goals were to end national sovereignty, restructuring of the family unit and restriction of peoples movement. You decide if there's a move towards this ? 

I guess my big question is how have we let such people control and lead us ?

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