Thursday 21 March 2024




 A question I am Often asked ` Is  the worship of Freyr, open to anyone regardless of race gender etc ?' 

The Answer is this, I like my children better then my cousins my cousins better then my neighbours, my neighbours better then strangers and strangers better then my enemies. A person of good Teutonic stock but who is unaware of Freyr and his blood link to the point he or she marries an alien, is of no use to Freyr nor is the person whose mind is full of Christian prejudices and hatred. A person of alien blood who believes he or she is heathen is of no use to Freyr either, for a person with alien roots will misinterpret the troth and bring in alien wonts and thinking. The two legs to serving Freyr are Teutonic ancestry and a deep awareness of truth. Our kindred is like a big family, we look after our own. Our kindred is the only true English family left. If you fit in to that your welcome. 

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