Monday 20 March 2023



A year ago, TV presenter Chris Packham lost his High Court bid, to stop the destruction by the HS2 project of the ancient woodlands of Warwickshire. No major news channel in the UK reported it and most of the newspapers only gave it a few lines. Highlighting the sad fact that most people simply don't care or feel the outrage they should.

I find it crazy that people still fail to realize the importance of preserving trees. Mankind has a bad record as forest destroyers cutting and burning recklessly destroying the built up fertility that has accumulated over centuries. The Romans created a dust bowl in almost two million square miles of North Africa, by cutting down the trees to grow wheat. The Romans were followed by the Arabs with their flocks of goats, the Arabs continued cutting down the trees and the goats stopped the trees regenerating. The result was North Africa lost it's soil protecting trees and became a desert. The lesson that if you fell the trees, you are sowing the seeds of future deserts has not been learnt.

Back in the late 1950's, Kensington Broadwalk in London used to be the home of the Great Elms of Kensington, loved by every true Londoner. The local council decided to fell them all, because several were hollow and were deemed dangerous. Despite, 800 residents holding a meeting in Kensington Town Hall, to protest against the councils plans. Any fool knows a hollow tree is not a danger ,as long as it's still growing adding layer upon layer yet, the  Great Elms were cut down. In the following years, Hyde Park lost several thousand Elms thanks to the same, so called expert advice. I am telling you this because the attacks on England's trees has been going on for decades. If we keep cutting Trees down, Keeping allowing the government, to destroy our ancient woodlands on the HS2 line, we are sowing the seeds of doom. 

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