Friday 17 March 2023


England is a natural paradise no other land is so green and fertile, yet England today is threatened. Monsanto's `ROUND UP' is just one of several hundred chemicals poisoning our island paradise. Farmers are encouraged to spray, thousands of acres a year with herbicides and insecticides, that kill our Bees, wash through the soil into our drinking water, end up in our food and cause illness in our children. I just wish, the idiots in Extinction Rebellion would protest and disrupt the big corporations, that put their profit over the health of our nation, instead of disrupting the lives of working people.

 Last year a survey discovered Worm's have vanished from almost two in every five fields across England. Worm's are vital part of the eco-system and for healthy crops. The Worms are dying because of the Chemicals and the  modern farming methods, which are over cultivating the soil. A different study found 42 per cent of England's farmlands fields had few or no deep burrowing worms. To respect and protect the England's soil we need to campaign and champion, the old fashioned organic farming methods of our forefathers. We need to outlaw the use of chemicals on our land, we need to protect the trees of our nation so our children and grandchildren will be able enjoy and see the English woodlands. We need to change the way we live our lives, our lives should be built around the yearly rhythms and circles of nature. If we lived like this as our ancestors did we would again be in harmony with the world of nature and we wouldn't allow the violence and rape inflicted on our nations countryside. We English heathens believe that England's blood & soil is sacred and defending both is what our faith is built around.  

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