Saturday 18 March 2023



It's over forty years since I realised that no political movement offered a solution to the environmental damage being inflicted on the World. I looked into all the religions only the Heathenism of pre-Christian England offered the answers I sought. Since the early 1980's I've worn the hammer of Thor, around my neck. A few years ago, the Telegraph published an editorial, which attacked Woden's Folk and called Odinism a dead faith. The Odinist/Heathen faith is based on nature and the Telegraph would have done well to think about that. A tree can be attacked with an axe or chainsaw, it can loose it's trunk or branches, but if it's roots are deep in the soil, the tree will rejuvenate itself it will regrow. The Heathen/Asatru faith has it's roots deep in the English soil, deep in the English mindset. In the 6th and 7th century's our faith across the northern world was attacked by the Roman Catholic Church, it's servants persecuted, killed and destroyed the holy sites and followers of Odin and the Asir gods. Like the Ash tree when it's been coppiced our faith seemed dead ,but like the Ash tree which rejuvenates itself our faith is re-growing, rejuvenating itself in every part of England, every week more people are turning to the old faith, this is something the Telegraph failed to understand

Note: Heathenism is the old faith or way of the English. 

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