Sunday 19 March 2023


The German people have a mythical and spiritual identification with forests that stretches back to the dawn of time. Yet now Germany's great forests are under threat from a catastrophe combination of heat, drought, fires, fungi blight and beetle plagues. Last year an area of forests equal to 2,000,000 football fields has been destroyed. Over half of the woodland in Germany is privately owned, in the forests the owners have been encouraged to plant non-native trees. Which are an ecological risk, because they cannot cope with the changes in temperature, like the native trees do. As I preach in  each post, trees are one of most effective ways for us to filter air, reduce CO-2 and stop the world over heating. The forests offer a space for conservation and human relaxation. As a follower of Heathen faith, the German forests are special too me, it is where our faith began and our gods, first appeared, it is in the forests that Thor's magic created the first man and whose seed became the Teutonic tribes. 

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