Thursday 20 April 2023



As a Heathen, I try to live my life with nature and spend over 50 hours each week out in the open air  in my local Woodland. In past few years I've started to notice changes in the Wood. In England for the last century we've been clearing Woodland, burning Coal, Oil and Gas, pouring carbon dioxide and other heat trapping Gases into the atmosphere, faster then the Tree's and Sea can soak them up. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is now higher then it's ever been. Yet our elected officials take no notice they carry on building houses, roads and cutting down tree's. We've created a damaged sick environment for our Children and Grandchildren to live in. I've noticed for the last two years a decline in Swallow numbers around our village. I don't know if it's a local problem or an omen of what's coming ?

The current warming is not just another natural change in our climate, the Sun's heating up the Earth and pollution is getting worse. The news items about global warming on our TV screens can make it seem too remote to worry about.  Those of us who work in the countryside however, can vouch that England climate is changing. The Horse Chestnut Tree has now been classified as vulnerable to extinction. The Horse Chestnut is one Tree among 400 native European Trees now at risk, about half face disappearing from natural landscape within ten years. Yet our Political Masters just make empty promises and ignore the threat to Nature. Each Man Woman in England needs ask themselves if they are going to sit back and watch our Nations destruction or are they going to help save England by embracing the Heathen path  Which is the only hope England now has.

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