Monday 24 April 2023



Gail Bradbrook the middle class, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion was over the weekend branded a hypocrite after she was exposed for buying plastic wrapped fruit shipped across the world in Waitrose and driving a gas guzzling diesel Citroen Picasso for a short ride. I was not surprised the Marxist doom cult of road blocking vandals leadership are being exposed as hypocites.   

Last year we saw the idiots of `insulate' blocking road ways and bridges and turning thousands of people against the environmental movement. One group of fat women which included a Vicar from the church of England even blocked a ambulance from getting to an emergency call. Roger Hallam the leader of Extinction Rebellion was interviewed and admitted he didn't care if he blocked ambulances when he protested ! 

Last year Extinction Rebellion joined forces with Antifa to counter protest a Brexit demo in Croydon, what has this got to do with the environment ? nothing but Extinction aim is not to save the environment its to create a left wing soviet state in the UK. It's just so sad these left wing loons are hijacking the green movement. In USA the Sun Rise group is another group hijacking the green movement pushing false stories. Like Extinction in England the Sun Rise movement is funded by rich men who hide in the shadows and pull the strings. The Sun Rise movement has 100,000 members and its secret backer has paid for it to open 240 offices across the U.S.A. the reason his doing it ? yep he hopes to earn millions and millions from the `Green New Deal' the left are calling for.

In Germany locals are opposing wind farms, these people are not left wing activists funded by big tech giants but just normal people. they are not people who deny climate change but are people like myself who see wind farms and other things pushed by the left as wrong solution to a real problem. wind farms cause a lot of damage to both people and nature. the health hazards and infrasound emissions are making people ill. Birds of prey are prune to be killed by turbines giant blades , forests are being destroyed to make room for the Wind farms and that destroys all the nature that live in a forest. The biggest argument against wind farms is without government subsides they are too costly to run and only work when the wind blows. Over 100,000 citizens initiatives like save Brandenburg have sprung up in  Germany to campaign against the wind farms these groups contain people with knowledge on all topics carbon sequestration, ground water reduction rates, negative market prices , export statistics and efficiency percentages. They are winning the war over wind farms. The German Green party promote the wind farms but when it was discovered one ex green party MP was now working as a lobbyist for the wind farmers and vast sums of money by those involved in the wind farm industry was being donated to the greens it weakens their case. There are better alternatives to wind farms and its great to see people across Europe are waking up to the fact these left-wingers who have sought to hijack the whole environmental debate are being exposed for their links to the Bankers and Tech Giants they claim to oppose. 

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