Tuesday 25 April 2023



What is the point of setting carbon emission levels and agonising over plastic in the worlds oceans, if population growth is the main cause of pollution. Yet the Left run a mile from discussing this or how it can be halted, they know it will be impossible to feed the expanding population's of Africa and Asia, while reducing  the impact on the environment.  Yet offer no solutions, refuse to admit there's a problem.  

The Worlds population will reach Nine Billion by 2050 this should be treated as an emergency not a forbidden subject. Only a quarter of the Earth is arable, half this land is uncultivated bringing it under cultivation will not only require investment but also the loss of the World's Jungles, Heathlands and Forests. What will happen when the World can not feed the growing Millions ? I can answer that with confidence, to avoid starvation Europe will face large scale migration, Tens of Millions of Asians and Africans people will seek to enter Europe. What worry's me, is Millions of these people will try to enter the UK. 

Our population in England could already increase over next ten years by five Million, could England cope with Ten Million more ?  Twenty Million more ? Our countryside is already being destroyed at an explosive rate. Thousands of cheaply built houses are being built across Kent and other County's in the South. We are losing our green fields Woods and Farms to house the millions of new people. There are too many people in England already and yet no politician has the guts to say so. London is a prime example of how people deteriorate when forced to live on top of each other When I was a boy London population was several million less then today as the population has risen so has the crime levels. I always say if we look to Nature we can learn all we need to know, two examples of animals living in overcrowded over populated colony's will highlight the danger of over population to man.  In the 1950's in Russia, Scientists discovered that Rats when crowded into cages too small for their number their social structure collapsed and they began to rape and murder each other. When Rabbits in Australia reached plague proportions they under went a similar transformation and became frenzied killers. Man is no different, if we allow our population to keep growing un-checked it will destroy our nation. 


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