Monday 29 May 2023



 The Aesir Gods were a large family headed by Wodin the god of Kings and ruler of men , yet according to Adam of Bremen Thunor was the mightiest of the gods in the Uppsala Temple not Wodin. Old Thunor ruled the air and storms, he governed thunder and lighting, the winds and rains, fair weather and crops. Thunor was the son of Wodin and Frieg but had a very different nature to Wodin, he was down to earth and reliable. He represented physical strength and fought evil, symbolised by the giants and the World serpent. A popular story tells of how Thunor fought the world serpent a symbol of chaos and destruction to our ancestors.

Thunor drove a chariot pulled by two giant goats and his weapon was the mighty hammer Mjolnir, for thousands of years he was worshipped all over Europe under many names the Belgic tribes a mixture of Teutons and Celts called him Taranis, The Slav's call him Perkunas, the Germanic name was Donar, the Vikings called him Thor. The worship of Thunor was closely associated with the Oak trees and many believe he may have been the Druid's god. The Vikings and Anglo Saxons wore hammer pendant's around their necks to show their devotion to Thunor, today thousands of Europeans are again wearing Hammer pendant's. Unlike Wodin whose name does not form a part of personal names and there is no record as far as I know of his name being invoked on Rune Stones, Thunor is evoked on numerous Rune Stones scalds made poetry in his honour and his name is an element in many personal names which are still used.  

For thousand's of years the cult of Thunor or Thor was always a vigorous one in the North. His worship was wide spread by the those who were independent and attracted to independence. the Vikings while loyal to their kindred were always resentful of authority of Kings this led to the settlements of Dublin Waterford and Iceland by the followers of Thor.   Thunor disappeared when the Christian's cut down his sacred Oaks and began persecution of any one who remained loyal to him.

Today Old Thunor the red bearded god of thunder storms and war has awoke like a volcano . In parts of civilized modern godless Europe which has for decades been throwing off all it's links to the Christian faith, he has come back to life, after 1,500 years of sleep he has been awoke. Under a dozen sacred Oaks across the English nation sheep have been sacrificed this year to him, the blood spilt in his name is an announcement of the new dawn and our growing numbers.

Note: This blog promotes heathenism and the ancient ways of the Anglo Saxon's and we honour Thunor in rituals through out the year 

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