Tuesday 30 May 2023



 In the Fyrnsidu faith we respect and honour and worship many gods and goddess. After Wodin none is more important then Frigg, the Queen of the Aesir. As Wodin's wife Frigg under her old English name of Frieg, she gives her name to Friday and is the patron of love and marriage. She is a secret goddess who gives death a form, a goddess of outcasts and the lawless (even bad men need a goddess.)  The catholic church condemned her worship and called her a witch but  many today on fringes of society, seek her protection others seek her visitation of harm on others. This cult to Frieg has grown in secret over last ten years amongst English Heathens who call on her to restore fertility to earth.      

To followers of old ways pilgrimages to sacred sites are important because they help to rouse assist kindle the minds of the faithful to love the gods more devoutly.  Frieg is beautiful golden haired goddess of love most closely associated with sexuality and water. Most sites associated with Frieg are by rivers or marshes and in ancient times spears and swords would be thrown into sacred waters as an offering to Frieg.  

In Anglo Saxon heathenry we seek to formulate a kinder gentler heathen rhetoric not corrupted into building a faith based on violence. To influence our minds in the right direction. Every year on the Spring Bank holiday in England we travel to a small wood near the Kent Coast sacred to Frieg and hold a ceremony in her honour. when you enter the wood you leave behind all your problems and cares and pass into a different world. a journey back 1,500 years to middle earth of our ancestors, a mysterious awe inspiring world in which we can feel our gods again. We entered the wood in the early morning as a mist rose from the surface and like a company of phantoms we drifted through the mist and entered the wood. Walking with me on this Pilgrimage to Frieg's wood were Kent's outcasts, several Wiccans and a couple of criminal misfits who I have recruited too the Heathen faith hoping to use its power to change their lives give them a purpose. Now banded together under the White Horse banner of Kent, we found Frieg's tree in the wood decorated with ribbons and cloth tied to its branches. You don't need a degree or a dog collar to contact our gods all you need is faith and love and as we called on Frieg the great earth mother we all felt something which I cant explain. This wood and tree are a spiritual place and our minds and thoughts will enter the cosmos and attract Frieg's attention. This is open invitation to anyone who reads this blog to join us next May our pilgrimage to Frieg's tree and feel for your self the Frieg's woods power.  

Hail to thee, Earth mother, mother of men Hail.  

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