Wednesday 31 May 2023


 A few years ago, former President Barack Obama advised politicians to be more underhanded in their attempts to transform America. Looking at what's happening in the USA from England it is amazing how easily journalists, politicians and other figures in the main stream media are deceived by the radical left and Democratic party blatant lies, like the Russian collusion hoax. The American press from day one were unwilling to challenge Obama when he became President, which allowed him to silence dissent, much of what Obama believed before he was elected was unknown because the American press didn't vet him. These same journalists who acted like teenage girls and swooned over Obama, viewed everything Trump did as evil and corrupt. Throughout the Trump years they displayed rank bias and utter blindness. 

On February 21st last year the Washington Post reported that officials from the former Obama administration such as John Kerry and Obama's Chief Iran deal negotiator were in regular talks with Iran, while Trump was in Office and were conducting a clandestine foreign policy - actively colluding with the enemy of the United States. This was TREASON in my mind. But of course there was no FBI investigation no out cry from CNN or MBC News. To the radical Democrats there was no limit to what they would say or do to attack Trump and undermine his term as president. representative Schiff suggested Trump might offer Alaska to Russia in exchange for support in the 2020 election. of course there was no evidence to support such a crazy statement. the radical left are casting aside the very foundations of law in the USA and there is no longer a free and truthful media in the USA to hold them to accountant.

 Make no mistake about it, the Democratic party are the enemy of all Anglo Saxon's here in the UK and those in the USA, they despise us. They hate England and hate our heathen beliefs Their corrupt and sick mindset seeks to destroy everything we hold and value, they look to destroy all religions, all cultures they disagree with. They represent every evil idea in the world today.

Note: As followers of Anglo Saxon heathen faith, we believe it is important we speak out against evil in this world. We will not let any attacks on our English faith, culture or god's go unanswered. If you share this view you need to support us. Every time one of you supports our work it makes us stronger and our power grows.   

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