Thursday 1 June 2023



This Organization, the Catholic Church , must be dissolved and banned. No other association, company, structure, would not be dissolved, dismantled after such crimes' 

The above quote was posted on line on the day a independent inquiry  by CIASE in France reported that since 1950 over 330,000 children, 80% of whom were boys aged between 8 and 13 had been sexually abused by members of catholic Church in France. The report named over 3,000 paedophile priests in France. A week ago a report in Scotland claimed 20,000 boys had been abused by members of the Catholic church in past two decades. From Australia to the USA were thousands of paedophile priests are known to have been active. From Germany to Belgium we have in last twenty years read about boys being abused by members of the Roman Catholic faith. In Africa the Church has taken no action despite thousands of complaints about the sexual abuse of boys by the white priests sent there. I have spoken in several posts about the crimes of the Catholics on our heathen faith and culture. It's time the church paid for its crimes and time a government banned this vile organization. Yet no one in government, in the Church of England or any other arm of the establishment speaks out against the Church of Rome. 

I've wrote several times about the Christian crimes against people of other faiths. The Berserkr press supports the call to out law, the Catholic Church. We also call for talks about compensation for the crimes carried out against our faith and people. 

Note: We are one of the few Heathen blogs that speaks out against child abuse and sexual crimes against women across the globe. Why other blogs who are quick to sign petitions against AFA and Stephen mc Nallen yet remain silent on these subjects is strange.

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