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In March last year thousands of Red Star fans displayed banners in response to the hypocrisy of west over its sanctions on Russia. The banners listed twenty country's overthrown or invaded by the USA . While I support the Ukraine's in their fight for freedom, the banners did highlight the double standards of the USA. 

Fans celebrate bond between two clubs

Back in 1990's I  attended several Red Star games, with some Greek skinhead who supported Olympiacos. Red Star and Olympiacos are brother clubs whose supporters  both clubs play in red and white, both sets of fans share Christian orthodox faith and nationalist views.  My old friend Arkan the leader of the far right Tigers during the war in the 1990's recruited all his men from the Red Star fans.  A few years ago when Dynamo Zagreb played Olympiacos in champions league game in Athens. Three hundred members of the `Delije' Red Stars ultras flew into Athens to support Olympiacos. In an underpass in front of Athens airport the Dynamo hooligans known as the `Blue Boys' and `Delije' clashed both sides were armed with poles chains knives the fierce battle lasted almost twenty minutes, 19 of the Dynamo fans needed hospital treatment another dozen to badly hurt to attend the game. But I think it highlights the bond between the two football clubs.

Red Star fans 

 One of the best Red Star matches I watched was the Belgrade derby. it's the biggest event in the Serbian sporting calendar I can only describe the atmosphere inside Red Stars stadium known as the MaracanĂ£ of the Balkans, as like a Celtic Rangers game on steroid's it's MENTAL !.The fans of the two clubs have historically been  divided into those who follow the orthodox faith Red Star and those who wear the Black and white of Partisan and follow the old communist party. After the match we were took to a restaurant and  I was introduced to one of the Red Star supporters uncle's, who was in the military, his name was General Radislav Kestic. 

A few years later, General Radislav kestic who was chief of staff of Drina corps of Bosnian Serb army  was indicted for war crimes in connection with the genocide of 8,000 Muslim prisoners in Srebrenica. The Bosnian Serb General was first person convicted of genocide since 1945.He was convicted of genocide of 8,100 men at the international court of the Hague in 2001 and sentenced to 45 years in prison an appeal reduced the conviction to aiding and abetting genocide and his sentence was cut to 35 years. In 2004 he was transferred to UK, to Frankland prison in county Durham. In 2009 he was moved to Wakefield.

General Kestic at Hague

In the Yorkshire prison Kestic was the victim of a revenge attack by three convicted murders, all who were practising Muslims, who entered his cell at top security Wakefield prison. General Kestic who has a false lower right leg having lost his leg when he stepped on a mine, was pinned down by one man while the other two cut and slashed him with home made knives, in revenge for his role in Yugoslavian war. They left him unconscious in his cell and his life was only saved thanks to another inmate . The General suffered several injuries including a 12” slash across his neck, done in an attempt to cut the vital vessels in his throat to kill him. Three men were arrested for the attack Indrit krasniqi an Albanian, who killed Mary Ann Kelly a school girl in Reading. Krasniqi was born in Afghanistan but came to UK as a kosovan orphan (?) In May 2000 with several other refugees he kidnapped and raped two 16 year old school girls. Kelly Ann, was stabbed to death by the group her friend was shoot but survived to help convict him.  Iliyas Khalid Originally called Christopher Braithwaite  he was given 28 years for the sexual assault and murder of a 33 year old woman. In prison he converted to Islam and took the name Iliyas Khalid.and Quam Qgumbibyi a Nigerian national Stabbed a man to death in Hackney.

Scum who attacked the General

In February 2011 all three were cleared of attempted murder at Leeds crown court but were convicted of wounding with intent to cause GBH. How cowardly to attack a 62 year old man with a false leg, after the attack he was transferred to Holland then on to Poland. In 2019, he was refused early release by the Hague court. After his conviction, we corresponded for many years. So I can say truthful the General is a patriot and good man. Over coming weeks I will be campaigning to have the General released and seeking new evidence that will help overturn the illegal convictions of Karadzic and Mladric.  As heathens we are a people who hold truth and justice very highly and it's important we support anyone whose suffering an injustice no matter what faith they hold. Any help readers of the blog can offer please contact me.

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