Tuesday 6 June 2023



It's not easy to know what's in our food today, as it was thirty years ago, when most of it came from local family run farms. Today the huge multi national corporations grow and distribute most of what we eat. Such large scale production has lowered cost but also brought risks. Most of us don't realise it, but we have been eating genetically engineered  foods since the 1990's. Bread, Cereal, Pizza, Chips, Biscuits, Ice Cream, Dressings all contain ingredients from engineered foods. The pesticides and drugs that underpin the mass production of food has effected the health of thousands in the UK.

I believe genetic engineered crops are a Pandora's box, across the Globe we now have millions of acres planted with such crops. By doing this we have released an uncontrollable force into the environment. Modified crops spreading their genes to wild relatives and altering organisms which science will struggle to control in the future. The Genes from the engineered crops will jump via the Wind, Bees and other pollinators into other nearby relatives. Many farmers worry these Genes will infect weeds allow them to grow stronger. 

Not enough research has been done, Allison Snow a plant Ecologist at Ohio State University believes engineered crops are being developed too quickly and released on millions of acres of farmland before they have been adequately tested for possible long term ecological impact. The big Multi National 's and their paid politicians tell us these things can't happen, people like me are scaremongering. In the late 1990's it was discovered Corn pollen had infected Milkweed that grows around Cornfields, the Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars that feed on the leaves of Milkweed became stunted or died after they ate the leaves. This one story was enough proof for me that GM crops can be dangerous to wildlife and man.

It's widely believed that some of pesticides being sprayed on our food has not only effected the health  of our children (Methyl Parathion was banned in Europe after it was discovered to attack children's nervous systems) but also caused Bee populations to be wiped out. Yet our Government does nothing.  As some insects are becoming resistant to the pesticides new more deadly toxins are being used, no one is looking at what long term effect of this will be. There is now such a build up of Toxins in the soil it's having a negative effect on the soil eco -systems and is killing the Earth.

To protect our Children and our selves, we all need to look into ways we can avoid the use of GM crops and food that's been sprayed with dangerous pesticides. The best way we can do that is by growing our own food. Fruit and Vegetables that are free of any chemicals.  

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