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The image above is the Village sign of Finglesham in Kent and is based on an Anglo-Saxon gold belt buckle discovered in the village. The figure cast on the buckle is of a naked Wodin, wearing a horned helmet  holding two spears. and is known as Finglesham man. The village takes its name from old English `Pengles Ham' meaning Princes Ham or Princes Manor.  

This is not the only village in Kent which features Wodin on it's village sign. Woodnesborough situated a mile from sandwich also features Wodin. In the Domesday survey, the village was called Wanesberge. Woodnesborough village centre is the Woden Hill, whence its name is derived. This hill is a very high mound, Edward Hasted, the 18th century Kentish topographer suggested, the hill was a burial site  raised over those who fell in the battle between Ceoldred, king of Mercia and Ina king of Wessex in 715 A.D. 

Some claim Votimer the British king who died in 457 is buried there. And the village is the woodnesbeorb of the Anglo Saxon chronicle which says Vortimer desired to be buried near where the Saxons used to land being persuaded that his bones would deter them. One of streets in the village is called `Cold Friday street' and certainly derives from the Saxon words Cola and Friga the latter the name of the Queen of the gods Frieg. Near the village is  Ringleton Wood which  is sacred to Frieg.

The truth of our old faith in the true gods is hidden every where in England. All Anglo Saxon heathens should support our English customs and ways rather then seek answers by following the Icelandic version of  our faith called Asatru. Anglo Saxon heathenry a faith/path that comes from our English soil and connects us to our ancestors. We are Angles and Saxon's let's all rejoice in that and be proud of our own ways. Just as the Icelandic folk rejoice in their history and roots.   

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