Monday 12 June 2023



Nye Bevan the founder of Britain's welfare state disclosed a great secret about the National Insurance Fund; there is no fund.

This week National Insurance Contribution (NIC) deducted from your wages are used to pay next weeks pensions. this kind of accountancy has a name, `It's called fraud.'  in the private sector no independent insurance company would be allowed to get away with this. The truth is Britain's state pension is nothing more then a Ponzi scheme, even the dumbest person in Britain knows all Ponzi schemes collapses sooner or later. When the flow of money from new investors proves insufficient to honour promises issued.

That's why most of us are forced to pay into a company pension scheme on top of paying taxes to pay for our state pension. The whole system is corrupt and rotten and why, I seek a different path, based on truth and wisdom. The path of Anglo Saxon heathenry.


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