Tuesday 13 June 2023



What do Nike, Pepsi, Lego, Disney, L'Oreal, KFC, Pfizer, FedEx, Google, Starbucks, Papa John's, Coca Cola, Morgan Stanley all have in common ? They are giant, hard to ignore businesses. What's more: They have all supported Black Lives Matter, the LBGT movement or both. 

Meanwhile their executives travel the world in private jets, lecturing people about the dangers of climate change. Organizations such as Davos and the World Economic Forum promote Marxist ideas and Billionaires donate to radical leftist movements.

The reason for this support of the Left by big business is self interest. In general businesses try to appeal to the relatively young. Most young members of the public across the western world tend to lean to the left. So it's no coincidence, then, that businesses that have shifted furthest to the left have the youngest customers. For example, people under the age of 34 make up 43 per cent of Nike's business; 89 per cent of Starbuck's customers are under 40.  Business tend to appeal to urban consumers. Those in big cities visit Starbucks more often. Big cities in the West today are multi racial and tend to elect Politicians on the Left. So Business understands political involvement is important to their profits. The radical Left are working hard to politicize the market place, aggressively targeting businesses' that transgress their standards. Big Business seeks to appease the left, they aren't keen on lefts ideas for higher taxation, so they promote the ideas that don't hurt them. They believe by support the left on progressive social causes will blunt the calls to tax or regulate them to heavily.

If you think I am being too cynical consider the left wing causes big business supports. When did you last see one of these companies stand up for LGBT rights in Iran ? or Saudi Arabia ? or to speak against slavery in China or the Middle East ? Speaking out against China would hurt their supply chains. So Nike, Apple and Coca Cola lobbied Congress in U.S.A to allow them to use Chinese concentration camp inmates. Pharmaceutical giant Gilead sponsors Gay Pride parades, while charging thousands a month for anti HIV drug. Signalling their support for the Gay Community is much cheaper then lowering the price of a drug that would predominantly help those in that community. 

Many of these Democratic supporting billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, are attempting to engage in social engineering by using their wealth and  resources to artificially change the structure of society to what they think it should be. E-bay owner and major donor to the Democratic party, Pierrre Omidyar is a clone of George Soros and  funds a huge network of left-wing groups such as Democracy fund, Healthy Democracy, Mc Arthur foundation and Sunrise Movement which seeks to influence elections by amplifying some voices (those with leftist views) and drowning out ones he dislikes. Many of these billionaires also fund research groups that describe themselves as `independent' or non profit but which are really propaganda out lets promoting a liberal view point. I read one of these reports produced by one of these research groups funded by Jonathon Soros (Georges son) on `fake news.' The report recommended an independent fact checker website to support its research. When I checked it turned out the fact checker was also funded by Jonathon Soros ! a fact it does not mention. The desire to reshape the world has one aim to make the billionaires, trillionaires to make them richer, this is not a crazy conspiracy it is openly spoke about by the super rich they call it the GREAT RESET. These people own governments and spend millions on propaganda and use their wealth to silence and ban any one or group that opposes them.   

 This I hope is just another example of why I repeat again and again the system is rotten its corrupt and it doesn't work for the common man.  The left and the worlds Billionaires are promoting ideas that are dangerous to the world. If I look at the Right wing they have no answers and many of the leaders are as corrupt as those on the left.  Only heathenism which rejects all political wings has a vision to take us forward, only heathenism has an answer to globalisation, only heathenism has nature at its heart and is able to save this planet. The first stage of this vision is to build a heathen community in England that will work with nature work for the benefit of all these in the community and act as an example to the nation on how it's possible to opt out of the system and thrive. The old faith of our ancestors is the glue that will bind us together every time someone take that huge step to change his life and how he lives by joining us we become stronger. The stronger we become the harder it will be for the billionaires to enrich themselves and force us into debt slavery.       

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