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Last Saturday I hiked from Sittingbourne in Kent 3 miles to the village of Tonge. Most of you will never have heard of Tonge but its an important place in England's history, that is hidden and forgotten it's also the birth place of our heathen faith in England so is also a holy site. 

In the 5th century, when the Roman Empire collapsed our islands were left in chaos, warfare existed across the island of Britain. To defend his kingdom from the Picts. The British  King Votergern, hired Hengist the Jutish hero to defeat the Picts and save his Kingdom. When the large army of the Picts were defeated in the north of England by Hengist and his Jute warriors. Votergern wanted to reward Hengist, who requested a pledge of the kings affection only as much land as an ox hide could surround. When this was granted, Hengist rowed south with his warriors and landed at Ypinesfleot and claimed the land for Wodin. Hengist led his followers in shore and at the village of Tonge he cut the whole  Ox hide into thongs (strips of thin leather) and enclosed within them a space of ground that was large enough to build a fortress .Thwang Ceastre (thong Castle)

I had hoped to see the earth banks of the fortress which lies behind the old mill pond but its been fenced off so despite its importance to Anglo Saxons. We can not access this historical and holy site. The earth ramparts are overgrown with trees but the Norman Motte and Baily which was built on Thwang Ceastre can just be made out. On the old Saxon earth works built by Hengist are two large Elms, the trees occupy an elevated position overlooking the mill pond. Elms are the Ents, the giants of the woods and can easily reach 140ft in height. Sadly they are very rare today due to the ascomycete fungus spread by the Elm bark beetle. I spoke to one local who told me at a nearby farm was an ancient yew 2,000 years old.

Hengist had gained his fame for avenging the murder of his father when he killed Finn Folwaleding king of the Frisians. Hengist sword Hnaef  which drank the blood of Finn King of the Frisians was forged by the giant smith Weland, upon its hilt he engraved Runes telling of the ancient strife between the gods and giants. 

The ancient church in Tonge

When Christians came from France and forced the Jutes of Kent to become Christians one of the first places they built a church was at Tonge . This is evidence that Tonge was still an important sight for our ancestors two hundred years after Hengist built his First camp here. I walked down to St Giles church, there in the church yard surrounded by a ring of old yew trees I meet the church warden she explained to me the present church was built by the Normans on top of the old Saxon church, before the battle of Hastings the village was owned by a Saxon noble called Oswald but William the bastard had given the village to his brother Odo bishop of Bayeux who built the Church and the Norman Motte and Baily Castle. The Church warden went on to explain the 12th century Church has a major structural problem, but Canterbury will not pay for its repair. She also explained that the congregation was now so small, most Sundays only six people attend of whom, she is the youngest; she was in her late 70's. There are many causes for the decline of the Church's power in the English countryside but the seeds of decay were sown by the last four Archbishops of Canterbury and their liberal politics that have allowed the clergy to become infested with corruption, negligence and sexual immorality. They preach Marxism from the pulpit and lack confidence in their faith. This portrays itself to the public as being weak and in decline.

I cant prove it but I believe the original Saxon Church which stands in a ring of Yews was built on a former heathen temple. The choice of St Giles as the saint is also of interest and points to this possibly being a site dedicated to Weland. As heathens we need to re-claim this holy village for our faith and for the English Nation. 

Note: We promote the Anglo Saxon heathen faith  which is built on a love of the old Gods and ways of England. We oppose all those on the left who seek to hijack our our faith to promote any form of hatred and division. We welcome everyone who shares our love for this beautiful island and the old ways

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