Tuesday 13 June 2023



Almost every man I know over the age of forty is on Satins. Prescribed because their Cholesterol levels were to high. Why don't, Doctor's suggest a change of diet or exercise to bring Cholesterol levels down instead of Satins. Which have many bad side effects. Doctor's are encouraged to prescribe Satins because, millions of men taking Satins daily, earn Millions for the pharmaceutical company's. It's a con, something we should all question.  

Your brain requires a constant supply of fuel supplied by food. What is in that fuel directly affects the structure and function of your brain. Rather then being filled with nutrients, minerals and healthy fats, many everyday foods are filled with sugar and dangerous fats. Research has linked these ingredients to impatience and aggression. But a healthy diet will boost your mood and even stave off dark feelings. 

The increased consumption of highly processed foods is leading to physical weakness and illness among the public. Food can change your brain's structure, chemistry and physiology, hyper processed foods can increase anxiety because they suppress good bacteria and influence pathogenic gut infections such as candidiasis. Liquids can also affect our health caffeine is known to increase anxiety and depression, water will impair your concentration and lead to head aches if the daily intake is not sufficient. Sugary drinks are another concern and are known to cause mood swings, and weight gain. Eating rough chewy old fashioned food was rejected by our parents and grandparents, brown bread was replaced with white sponge bread with no goodness. our bacon and sausages were once full of fat, but are now made from pig's who have been injected with water to put weight on. The result is bacon and sausage  in frying pan produce a white scum instead of fat. Our fruit is full of chemicals and water with no nourishment or goodness. Yes, I know people live longer today but are they feeling better ?   

As Heathens we ae rediscovering the strong ethnic roots of our people and reinventing old values. We promote the use of herbs to heal instead of mass produced drugs that often have bad side effects. nature via herbs provides man with a natural way to prevent most illness. There are dozens of garden and wild herbs that can be used to prevent illness or control many common health problems. When you have never used herbs for your personal health it will mean you have to adopt a new way of thinking and approach every problem in a new way based on the old simple health concepts of your ancestors. By doing this you are thinking like a true Follower of the old gods in touch with nature. Before the 1960's it was common practice to take a Spring cure to flush and clean the body after a hard Winter, a practice ignored by the modern World. This has caused thousands each year to suffer from bloating and gut problems. Not claiming every illness can be cured by herbs and modern medicine has no benefit at all but a lot of common sense and wisdom has been lost in the last few decades. 

Heathenism teaches us that our bodies need forty nutrient each day to stay healthy. To achieve this we promote a traditional diet that includes more vegetables, fruits and unprocessed grains, meat and seafood, with a good amount of fermented and pickled foods. Healthy whole grains are high in fibre and antioxidants boost brain power and concentration and create a calmer feeling. Those who join our ranks and follow the traditional diet understand it not only prevents common diseases but also inhibits mental disorders. It's important that we as a faith promote a healthy life style and healthy food, so that we are living examples of how mankind should live. 

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