Friday 16 June 2023



Any Astronomer or history buff, can tell you that Europe used to be two degrees warmer then it is now. During the medieval period vines were grown in the North East and Greenland was settled by the Vikings. This period was followed by an Ice Age that lasted until 1880.Now the climate is warming up again and if you believe the Left-wingers who dominate the environmental movement its caused by humans burning fossil fuels which increase the levels of carbon dioxide (i.e. Green House gases) into the atmosphere causing the atmosphere to heat up. The left-wingers spokesmen of the Environment movement back up their arguments by claiming all scientists agree with them, Only their don't !

The Sun is burning more brightly then at any time in past 1,000 years. This has caused the Worlds global temperature to rise and in turn warm the oceans. Warmer Oceans absorb less carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so a warmer Earth has more greenhouse gases. Recent research has proven that the magnetic flux from the Sun has doubled this solar magnetation is closely linked with sunspot activity and the strength of sunlight reaching earth increasing. This view of an increasingly energetic sun has been supported by Scientists at the Rutherford Appleton laboratory in Oxford, who produced evidence a few years back that since 1964 the interplanetary magnetic field has increased in strength by 40%. The Magnetic field is caused by solar wind a storm of particles given off by the Sun which fills the solar system. Further evidence suggests that the magnetic field is 2.3 times stronger then it was in 1901.   

Despite this Scientific evidence that the Sun plays a major part in why our climate is warming up, World leaders and policy makers routinely denigrate and ignore the evidence. they continue to devote all their resources to dealing with human activities. Why ?, because their propaganda of doom and death is all about an elite gaining more control and enriching themselves. 

Note: We in the English Fyrnsidu community reject the greed and lies of the political class and capitalism. We follow a path of love of nature, truth and community spirit. If you share these values please contact us and attended one of our events. Everyone whose heart is filled with love for the old ways of England is welcome.   

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