Thursday 15 June 2023


 One of my aims as a Elder of  Anglo Saxon heathenism  for writing Berserkr blog is for it to be a guide to all Heathen's who want to do things right. I want this blog to offer a wealth of instruction on how to organise and govern a Heathen kindred, how those who follow our faith should conduct themselves, I hope the blog gives readers a practical blue print for building the heathen faith. In this post I want to touch on a few things we should all consider, if our kindreds are to be happy.  

A Heathen Kindred should be an environment where members come and talk about something on their minds, a concern, an achievement, or what ever else it may be. It is important that leaders of Kindreds and smaller groups  take the time to listen with genuine interest to what each member has to say.  Being a member of the heathen faith is about commitment, it means  valuing each other above our own needs and desires. There is tremendous power in commitment and showing your in your kindred for the long haul, this power and bond is what holds a kindred together during difficult times, those that don't have the commitment from its members are weak and fall apart when trouble comes. Too often members of some heathen/Asatru faith focus on the negative and fail to see things that are praise worthy. Heathen gatherings should never be environments of negativity. Be aware of the danger of constant, hard criticism, of arguing and belittling. Talk positively about each other, both inside and out of heathen gatherings and festivals, don't tear each other down. 

This last point is most important, the ultimate goal of all Heathens is to live in harmony with nature to achieve this you need to live a life based on the `HAVAMAL' the holy text of all true Heathens, If your kindreds wants to be strong it must be built around nature and the circle of life. All fathers must impart the wisdom of the `HAVAMAL' and respect for nature to their children because it gives them a moral frame to build their lives on. The power of the Gods must flow through you and your kindred and how its possible to live with nature must be seen and felt by everyone you encounter. Let us be examples to the World how to live good lives.      


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