Saturday 17 June 2023



The Sun is in a changed state it is brighter and stronger now, then any time in the past thousand years and this brightness started in the 1960's. The average temperature since the 1960's has increased by 0.2 deg Celsius and this is causing new extremes in weather patterns. 

A study by Swiss and German Scientists at the Max Planch Institute for Solar System Research in Gottingen, into the Sun's energy was ignored by the Worlds leaders and Environmental groups. The Gottingen Institute compared data from ice samples taken in Greenland in 1991, these samples contained the lowest recorded levels of Beryllium 10 for more then 1,000 years. Beryllium 10 is a particle created by Cosmic rays that decrease in the earth's atmosphere as the magnetic energy from the Sun increases. Scientists can trace Beryllium 10 back for 1,500 years. 

Yet when this evidence was produced at the Koyto Conference in 1997 it was totally ignored .The following year 18,000 Scientists signed the Oregon Petition which criticised the flawed research that was supported in Koyto. The koyto Protocol was a disaster for real Environmentalists and has failed in all its aims. Consider this, for the cost of implementing the Koyto protocol over a nine month period you could have provided clean water to every human being on Earth. Instead millions of pounds has been wasted and huge sums have disappeared in to the pockets of corrupt officials. what happened at Koyto, was the first sign of how the global elite were hijacking the green movement to profit themselves. Since then any research that challenges their control and plans is dismissed. No one knows why the Sun is burning brighter now or how long the cycle will last, but to understand why the earth is getting warmer you have to acknowledge the Sun's power.. 

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