Wednesday 14 June 2023



As a follower of the old ways, the value we place on truth is central to our community character, it's the difference between thinking like a Heathen  and the way those outside our faith think. Look at how normal lying is to most people today, the way our political leaders lie, the lies by businesses, way truth is censored by the British media and big tech companies, with leftist causes promoted in spite of the facts. There is a lot of deceit in our nation today. England today is suffering because it's people are encouraged to indulge in lies and hypocrisies. One of most dangerous types of lying is hypocrisy: pretending to be something you are not

Most forms of private vice and public wrong doing, is kindled and sustained by lies. Acts of adultery and other personal betrayals, financial fraud, government corruption, murder all require a willingness to lie. When you lie to your friends even with flattery makes them ignorant to part of reality, harming them in ways we cannot anticipate and treating them less then they deserve. When we presume to lie for the benefit of others, When we decide we are best judges of how much they should know about own lives, how they look, their reputation or their prospects. It is an extraordinary stance to adopt towards other people. We shouldn't  go out of our way to criticize others, sometimes it is best to decline to share information we have, and yes' being truthful can lead to confrontation. But pretending not to notice someone making a bad decision or being self destructive shows no love. when you avoid awkward conversation by lying to some one it can lead to big problems.  

When you adopt the Heathen Faith and lifestyle you are committing yourself to be honest with every one, your purpose in telling the truth is never to offend people you simply want them to have the information you have, and want them to have if you were in their position. When you put the  Hammer around your neck and pledge your life to Wodin and the Asir you commit to the way of truth, to be someone who means what he says, whose word can be trusted, who walks what he talks, who can deliver tactful, honest criticism, and who speaks the truth in love. 

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