Saturday 3 June 2023



In March 2020 W.H.O. director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a Marxist from Ethiopia with no medical experience declared Covid 19 a global pandemic. Across Europe medical experts supported by those on the left began saying the disease was spreading so fast that Europe's health care system would be over run with sick patients. Something drastic needed to be done to flatten the curve. In the UK the government ordered a shut down, almost overnight travel ceased public gatherings were stopped even church's closed. Business across the UK found themselves at risk of going bust, millions faced being made unemployed.

To counter this Boris Johnson unveiled a huge 350 billion pound spending plan, this included paying 80% of the wages those laid off work due to the lock down. This was the most extensive intervention in our economy ever made. One Rishi Sunak the Chancellor at the time admitted his no idea what this would cost ? The trouble is the road  Johnson & Sunak took was hard to reverse, we  saw every company and every sector of business banging on the governments door asking for more money.  

What worried me most about this was what happens if we have another emergency next year ? Will the government borrow massively again ? Will the Bank of England print more money ? How long before the government finances, the currency and our economy collapse entirely ?

Britain's whole financial system is now in a tough position, I understand if government hadn't done what it did lot of pain for people but by adopting them I believe they have pushed that pain into the future and guarantee that when it hits it will be a lot worse.  The problem we now have is our entire economic system rest on a foundation of debt. Over the last decade the government managed the economy by encouraging us to borrow it  lowered interest rates so people borrow more and spend more. It dis-encourages people from saving this means in a crisis people have no savings and must turn to the government. But when we had a crisis the government couldn't help without borrowing more, so we continued on a  cycle continually building up more debt. The government during the covid crisis created conditions that will guarantee an economic crash in the future.

When this happens the English people will be looking for guidance and some wise advice, it will need a faith it can trust. The political party's and leaders of these groups offer nothing but more lies more corruption, during the lock down the poor got poorer and the rich got richer, the Tory's paid almost one third of the money handed out to big corporations who pocketed the money. The other party's are no different all they can offer is the same answers that has caused the chaos. The future is in our hands the heathen faith can offer a new way, but only if it gets organised.

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