Friday 2 June 2023



Globalisation was the central policy of Britain and USA governments under Bush, Blair, Clinton and Cameroon, we were all told how great globalisation was. In truth it was a lie, an illusion, it was just a word to cover up the western nations surrendering their manufacturing capacity to China. Remember  Bill and Hilary and Obama boasting about the NAFTA and how China being admitted into the World Trade Organisation was going to open markets of Mexico and China to American goods , Clinton and Obama knew it was untrue, as did the mutli - nationals and lobbyists in the swamp who supported their policy. Their goal from the beginning was to transfer production from American soil, to country's were they could take advantage of foreign low wages and foreign government subsides. The elites of Britain and USA used globalisation to get rich by selling out our nations manufacturing capacity, intellectual property, real estate even our university's to China and Middle Eastern investors. This shift in production from the West to Asia has been a disaster for the West it has lowed the living standards for millions of workers in the west, turned  parts of the west into ghetto's of poverty, all for the benefit of a few Billionaires. For me globalisation has been nothing but a looting of our nations. It took our two nations, two hundred years to build our industrial base, the liberal globalists have destroyed that in twenty years. Its been the biggest act of treason ever, yet no one speaks about it.

Over the past two decades America has wasted 5 trillion dollars on its Middle-East adventures and indebted itself to China in the process with nothing to show for it. It's National debt is now over 25 trillion dollars. America is heading towards its death, it cant survive, its debts are too large. When America falls and we are watching the start now the West will  be in chaos for decades. The collapse of the USA will turn  Britain upside down.

We need to prepare for this coming chaos, which has a name `RAGNAROK'. The recent protests and Covid virus are both signs, warnings of the present age ending. The battle of `RAGNAROK' that will erupt between the followers of the Asir  and the dark forces of the World. As I've wrote in earlier posts the ending of the Christian age and the full rebirth of our faith, will not be something that will happen over a short period it will be a slow gradual change over a decade or more. The hard times and chaos when it ends will bring a new society a new World one based on LOVE, BALANCE and NATURE. Not Hate, Greed and Globalization.

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