Wednesday 7 June 2023



The so called experts all blame the extreme weather conditions over the past few years on man made global warming caused by burning fossil fuels. They refuse to even consider the Sun's role in global warming, base all their conclusions on biased science. The primary tools climate scientists use to make predictions are computer models. But these models oversimplify the earth's climate system, even to the point of ignoring the basic fact that the heating effects of carbon dioxide are not linear. The first twenty parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere produce more warming than the next 400 parts per million. This means that carbon dioxide has already warmed the atmosphere almost as much as it can. These simulations also ignore many of the Earth's climate systems that mitigate rising carbon dioxide levels, such as increased plant growth. As atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rise, plant growth increases. As plant growth increases, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels fall. The physical processes in the atmosphere are not well understood, scientists make guesses about values of the variables in the equations they use, such as when they are predicting storms. this is why weather predictions made more than two weeks in advance are often hopelessly inaccurate. It is also why climate scientists cannot decide whether warmer ocean surface temperatures increase or decrease the frequency of hurricanes.

From a heathen view point, the extreme weather is a sign that the present Christian age is coming to it's end. The chaos will get worse as we enter the final years of this age circle. We all need to prepare for the coming chaos & battle's  which will be fought between good and evil. 

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