Thursday 29 June 2023



Wodin wants you in your golden years to be of relevance to your family to your Kindred and Nation. He wants you as a grey beard to be honoured, but to evoke honour from the younger members of the Heathen community Wodin obliges you to live honourably. You must not only accumulate years of experiences, but also develop sterling character through those experiences. Those who are Elders must show self control, honesty, be of strong faith and conviction, display courage and wisdom. The Elder Woman likewise must not be of bad character but a woman who is not full of  gossip or slave to drink: they are to teach what is good and so train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be sensible, chaste, domestic, kind, loyal to their husbands and the old way's.

Wodin wants older woman to make themselves teachers of the younger women. Older men of the community ought to do the same for younger men. This cannot happen if the younger don't listen, but neither can it happen if the older don't become Elders and don't teach!

Younger men need the experience and wisdom of their Elders. This requires the Elders to conduct themselves as men of honour and wisdom, willing to take the lead in conversation to pass on lessons life has taught them over the years. Within  the Elders is wisdom and in their length of life understanding. All men over the age of fifty who read this must ask do you see your self this way ? or do you think, I have nothing to teach, even if you have never seen yourself as a spokesmen or leader in the past, seek to align your thinking with Wodin's and serve him. Your mission is to pass on years worth of experiences, wisdom and the story's to inspire. Your mission is to help the next generation to avoid mistakes, to have a better life, and to transmit even more wisdom and lore of our faith to the next generation after them. don't live your final years on the side lines. Don't allow yourself to be isolated. Don't think that because your getting older your experiences are irrelevant.

Seek out the young, ask question's look for ways to introduce them to our faith, even if the first time you mention heathen beliefs and the true god's it is awkward, don't give up ! The greatest gift you can give your children and grandchildren is your Experiences and wisdom. To serve Wodin, you need to keep your mind fresh, never stop learning. Your vision may be dim, walking maybe harder then it once was, but Wodin expects you to continue to grow mentally. Until you travel to Valhalla.

One of the most important lesson's we must all learn is to live the present and not the past, you must show the young by your own example and attitude that ours's is the true path. How you started life is not important any bad things you did before you came to the old gods doesn't count, because they were done in ignorance of Wodin, what's important is how you finish your life. As a Heathen you are judged by what you do now. You can't change the past , but you can change the present by aligning your thoughts and attitudes with Wodin's. Show those around you, of all ages, a life lesson with your words and example. Your smile, your questions, your answers, your encouragement, your laughter can change people's lives, perhaps now more then ever. And with your example in mind for years to come, the next generation will be able to take Heathenism forward to create a Heathen Nation and save England from it's slow death.       

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