Sunday 2 July 2023



The American Psychological Association has for past few years been promoting the idea that "traditional masculinity" is "harmful" to men and boys. A main thrust of their argument is that traditional masculinity marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression is harmful. The APA also claim that biological sex at birth does not automatically determine gender and that there are more then two genders.

The APA ignore the biological reality that men are more competitive, dominant and aggressive then women largely because their testosterone levels are around twenty times higher. Our Heathen faith promotes the male as head of the family and society, Heathenism teaching seek to train men to channel this dominance and aggression towards constructive ends like building Heathen community, protecting people and leading their families. The modern World's leaders are seeking to destroy the power of white men who they view as evil ! it is waging war on you as a man, if you want a practical direction on how to fight back and how to serve Wodin.I want to recommend you buy on Amazon a copy of the book "ASATRU" by Stephen mc Nallen  head of the worlds largest Asatru movement. Forgot the fake leaders mc Nallen is one of the good guys in Heathenism and the book is the best guide to Asatru your find. 

Asatru is the Icelandic brother faith to our Anglo Saxon heathenism and we share the same gods and values and outlook on most subjects.      

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