Wednesday 4 October 2023


We hear weekly about the far right threat to the UK. This week the annual concert for Ian Stuart former singer of Skrewdriver didn't take place. The reason why it didn't take place was the Blood & Honour leadership are awaiting a trial for terrorist charges (they sold CD's with bad lyrics.)  The National Front have less then 100 members in UK, The British Movement, after fifty years still don't own a printing press building or  land. The BM have three members in London and in their national strong hold of Kent their monthly meeting attract ten people all over fifty. In my view the White Nationalist movement is a joke not a threat.
This is the hard truth if you have any sense your listen to me .I was a supporter of far right groups for over thirty years and I am not going to get into personality attacks on individuals. There are good people in nationalism but for every good person there's two bad that's a fact I learned the hard way. corruption is rife in all nationalist party's I've ever known. The far right no longer has any public support and will never re build it self as a force in the UK. The far right has become stale boring it offers nothing new only ideas that failed in the past. It's riddled with informers and agents of the security services that are entrapping young men into terrorist plots. Here's what the Right does offer a prison sentence for nothing, when you go to prison there will be no support no money for canteen your be forgotten slandered and if your really lucky your family will stand by you. But from what I know most of those who have been inside lose their kids, wife & girl friends. White Nationalism is defeated its been knocked cold and counted out and it's never recovering. 

Because of their negativity and lack of courage. and I fear such beliefs will poison our worship, I would advise everyone to distance themselves from anyone active in a far right group. With the far right beaten the left  increasing their attack's on heathen's who reject the modern world view.  In coming years they will be seeking to portray us as terrorists and get us outlawed. This is really important listen to my words, we must not fall into the traps the State and left lay for us, we must never use violence against our enemy's, never make threats, never use abusive language on social media. If any one on social media or in the pub starts speaking about violence or any other type of madness cut them off end the contact. Let the left spout the abuse and threats, we are better then that, the English are a calm people we need to keep calm keep our thoughts to ourselves. It's sad but, if one of us gets convicted for saying anything silly they will use that as evidence our whole faith should be outlawed. So be respectful to every one, set an example to everyone that you are a good person. Be true to the god's, loyal to your kindred. We are the last hope for England and the English people. We cant fail because one of us acted stupidly.  



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