Friday 19 January 2024


Our Anglo-Saxon heathen faith, must be built on a strong foundation. That foundation is the Volva's the wise women of our faith. The elder women who are given the title Volva have a power men don't possesses. they can predict the future events and give prophecy but real power is how they interpret the Runes.

 In Denmark they uncovered at Fyrakat an 11th century Wise woman, buried during king Harold Bluetooth's reign.

 the Volva's also known as knowing women, wise women and  herbalists and healers, would use henbane seeds crushed mixed with two other herbs as a salve to rub on their skin. Which enabled them to enter a trance like state allowing them to converse with spirits and the gods themselves. As magicians and fortune tellers the Volva's could cast love charms bring forth storms and invoke nightmares. They practiced a sacred magic to invoke the  spirits of animals to help them disseminate magical powers to obtain knowledge from distant realms. This was known as riding wolf .

Our faith spiritual home is in the ancient Germanic forests  it was the Volva's of our faith who led armed resistance of the German tribes against Rome and acted as envoys to Rome. Century's later were preaching against christen priest entering their lands. The Saxon  tribes resistance to Charlemagne was result of the women organising the resistance. In 840A.D. after the last big revolt against Christianity by Saxon tribes in Germany which was brutally put down. All leading Volva's were executed the Christian church launched its thousand year war on any woman who questioned or held on to the old ways.

We as a holy people must never forget that in pre Christian  Europe the wise women in the tribes commanded huge respect but as Christianity's power grew there was widespread persecution of Volva's as evildoers. As late as 12th century Frigga was still worshiped widely in Germany tribes. The Catholic church viewed the worship of a goddess as a pure evil &  female sexuality was something dangerous and to be contained. In Germany and on British Isles the church didn't distinguish between healers and sorceress all were labelled the middle ages as 86% of those killed by the church for practising magic were women.  A few years ago a Volva interrupted an  event at Canterbury cursing the priest and arch bishop for their crimes against the Saxon people and wise women of England. 

During my forty years as a heathen I've learnt a women are more open minded then men and this allows them  to connect with nature and enter the spirit realms that are closed to 99% of men. Our women folk are the foundation of everything and must be honoured and respected.
The love we have for England is different from patriotism which is based on Christianity the royal family and union flag. Ours love, is the feeling of belonging we feel from being part of nature and the path of the nine realms. From our ancestors blood which has feed England's soil for over a thousand years. But mostly our love of England comes from our mothers. Hail the Earth Mother and all wise women of England, Hail the wise women of Europe. 

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