Saturday 20 January 2024


Those in control have no interest in an individual's privacy or free will, the Globalist believe we have no right to individual autonomy or privacy and thy will destroy individual liberty. What we read buy or were we go every aspect of our lives need to be controlled. Removing cash is pivotal to the globalist agenda, because digital currency is an enslavement mechanism. If they succeed in bringing about a cashless society and full digital currency your daily interactions will be restricted to within 15 mins of your home. With the globalist closing in to fully enslave us to a digital prison. The technologies and infrastructure to achieve this are already in place. Already all your communications are recorded and tracked, in future years your digital footprint will be used against you in a China style credit system if you speak out.

All  the consumer device's interreact with these control networks this will allow them to permit or cancel you by a flick of a switch. None of these would be possible without 5G infrastructure, driven by datastore and AI aglorithims.5G radar is known to cause irreparable eye damage to massively increase the risk of cancer it is untested unregulated. Yet the government have allowed it. In UK we are heading into a tyranny of a state that commits crimes against it's own people .

We must not passively accept and cooperate with this globalist agenda, say `NO' refuse any demand to usher in a digital id. There are 24 million Saxon's in the UK We are the biggest ethnic community in the UK by far, if we get organised we have the power in numbers, the globalist agenda is only going to happen with our cooperation if we resist it fails. When, I was younger one of the great things about being British; was we could express our opinions without fear of arrest that is no longer true. The police are now taking sides in every political event and our politicians are keeping quiet. The anti terrorist laws were created to stop opposition to the globalist agenda. heathenism is dangerous to those in power because we inspire revolution, non compliance and an alternative way of doing things. That's why any resistance to this agenda must be peaceful and within the law. Don't fall into their traps and say anything stupid, to regain our freedoms we must be clever in every thing we do. Remember the god's are on our side. 

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