Sunday 17 March 2024



I am an old grey beard and a follower of the old ways, I am very excited to have the opportunity to edit the Berserkr press, because I believe it is my destiny is to awaken the English people to glory of Freyr. My aim over the next year, is to publish 64 posts on the ideas, beliefs and rules of the Teutonic troth of Freyr and explain it, so it not only lodges in the heart of those who read this blog, but will destroy the lies that the Christians have invented to enslave our minds.

The power of the Freyr and the Vanier gods was forgotten for over a thousand years until the end of the 19th century when the German folkish groups led by men like Gudio Von List, began to reawaken the knowledge and magic of the God's. I've carried on that work promoting Freyr and his worship for past thirty years. Freyr worship is the most important of all the heathen sects because Freyr is the fertility god that gives us the harvest that feeds us the blessing of children and brings the new life each spring. This does not mean that those who make Freyr their personal supreme deity ever with hold their love and devotion from Odin or Thor or any of the other gods. It is just we place Freyr first because he is the most wise of all the gods.


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