Monday 18 March 2024



In the beginning there was a vast space and emptiness called Ginnunga – gap, length it had, and breadth immeasurable and there was depth beyond all understanding. There was no shore no sea no earth or heaven this was the beginning of all things.

First of all things formed was Nifel-heim in the far north the home of mist and ice next Muspel-heim the land of heat in the south. In the midst of Nifel-heim burst forth a great fountain `Hvegelmet' from it flow 12 rivers called Elivagar from which all waters flow and return.

It was in Muspel that the great clay giant Ymer was formed rough and ungainly was Ymer when he began to move he was tortured by great pangs of hunger, but there was yet no substance he could eat until he found a gigantic cow named Audhumly `void darkness,' Ymer saw her standing by a block of ice with milk running from her teats greedily he drank until he filled the seed of life and was satisfied. Then a great heaviness came over Ymer and he lay down and fell into a deep sleep a dreamless slumber warmth and strength possessed him, and sweat formed in his armpit from which a son was formed named Mimir who name means mind and memory a. daughter was also born from his sweat she was named Bestila .From Mimir were descended all the Vanier gods including Freyr.


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