Sunday 17 March 2024


 I've been publishing the Berserkr press blog for just over a year now, after a slow start those reading the blog has increased each month for the past ten months. However, I realise I don't have the time to work full time, write the blog and work on my main project publishing new heathen titles by the Berserkr press. I don't want it to be like so many blogs where they have nothing to say or write and struggle to post anything for months in the first year we posted 108 pages and I would like to keep up. So, after much soul searching; I am passing the blog onto someone else for the next 12 months. Thor Waddle, Is someone ive known for thirty years and he has agreed to edit the blog for the next 12 months. For those of you who don't know Thor Waddle, he is devoted to the god Freyr and the mystical worship of the Vanier god's. Waddle is widely recognised as the voice of Freyr in Europe and has a large following, he also supports my views about the evilness of Christianity and will continue to expose the corruption and crimes waged on Europe by the church.

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